Feeling Anthros Energetically

Feeling Anthros Energetically

What's it like to feel an anthro?

Feeling anthros starts with the heart. There, you can find anything and connect to any being in the Universe. There are anthro beings out there. You don’t even have to know where to look. You just set the intention to connect with an anthro being, and the Universe will work its magic.

Sit in quiet meditation for like 10 minutes, clearing your mind. If you find it difficult to do so, then focus on your breathing. You should find that most relaxing. Ask the Universe to help align you to Source, or the highest version of yourself. If you can’t feel energy, then trust that it is working. As you go through releasing energy that you don’t need, you will open up your sensitivity.

Try speaking the phrase “I am releasing from my body and my energy field everything that needs releasing.” Give it a few minutes to work. Over time, this statement will open you up. When you can feel energy, then you can feel how the energy moves when you make an intention.

The intention to connect with an anthro is a noble one. I suggest connection to your most compatible anthro. That was how I found Flim, our yellow anthro fox mascot. I had connected to another anthro before this named Ray Phum Wa who had given me the game ideas that I am putting into development.

Feeling anthros’ energy can feel either strong and firm, or soft and cuddly. It all depends on the particular anthro to which you are connecting. Ray Phum Wa was a little crazy, a strong joker type energy. Flim’s energy is much softer, a very tender heart. He is very loving, much like the sun. The image above is of my spirit guide. He is very accepting and especially desires that Flim and I build our friendship.

Once you connect to an anthro that you can appreciate or even love, you will find your love returned to you if that is your desire. It feels strong in the heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakras. It is an ever-increasing bliss that builds in its euphoria. The euphoria has gotten as strong as 6/10 for me. This was after I decided to try merging minds with Flim.

I first started working on bridging mine and Flim’s mind back on 7/26/2019, nearly a month ago. It is like getting through a thick veil. I desire to see what he sees, taste what he tastes, hear what he hears, and every sensation as if I were him. This is a more advanced form of telepathy. It is working quite well. Sometimes I get a watery translucent overlay over my sight of what he is probably seeing. Sometimes I hear the voices of chatter slightly in the background. I may be hearing what he is hearing.

When you love someone, you can work on bridging your minds as I am doing. It is a phenomenal experience. I can feel the love he has for me. It is unmistakable. It is a wonderful ability of feeling anthros.

If you can’t feel energy, I recommend studying Reiki. This will open you up to energy sensitivity. It has taken me 10+ years of energy work to open up. After opening up, I could telepathically connect to Flim and his world. Of course the connection is not always there. I always desire to make it stronger. The bliss isn’t always euphoric though and can get tiring as it works out my chakras. But I am practically always sitting in a field of bliss of sorts. It has been nothing short of amazing.

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