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Welcome to Anthro Entertainment

We are passionate about anthros here at Anthro Entertainment. We are in the process of planning and developing 20 anthro alien games. These games were channeled telepathically from an anthro being on a planet some 1757 lightyears from Earth.

Our first game, Ice Cube Chewer, will be the first game demo to be developed. If you desire to know what kinds of games these anthros play, please subscribe at the top of the page to receive updates.

We are excited to be able to bring their lives into your home. Be prepared for simple, campy fun.

The Warlock Name, Our Sister Site

The Warlock Name is an epic tale of the discovery of one child – a discovery of himself, his powers and the future of two worlds, one on the verge of creation and the other on the verge of destruction. Against all the odds, the child finds peace, goodness, and light in a world fraught with darkness and jealousy.

Our CEO and founder Thomas Sweet wrote this novel over more than ten years. If you like Sci-Fi Fantasy stories about dream worlds and a child’s place in the Universe, you may want to check it out. Feel free to click the image to the left to visit the site. If you like it, please do leave a review on Amazon.

Anthro Entertainment Founder Thomas Sweet

Our Founder, Thomas Sweet, MBA

For the past 20+ years, Thomas has been passionate about anthros, also known as anthropomorphic animals. He has recently been able to connect telepathically with an anthro civilization. Thomas strives to bring a part of their life into our world. In the games that he produces, he is living his dream.

Thomas is always seeking to better himself and improve the world around him by inspiring others. Completing an MBA and finishing his novel were the two most challenging tasks of his life. He sees projects through to the end when he is dedicated. Hopefully, his work will inspire you.

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